Beau and Jesse made everything on this page (and will continue to make new, exciting things) without any intention of making money. We created them because we were asked to, encouraged to, or just wanted to. But we've also put a lot of work and care into them, and we think they're worth something.

With that in mind, everything on this page is available on a Pay-What-You-Will basis. If you are low on funds or if you want to see what you'll be getting before you decide how much it's worth, please feel encouraged to download materials without paying. When you know how much you'd like to pay to help us continue to make things like this, you can press the donate button to the right. Any amount is hugely appreciated. 

If you're excited by the idea of these projects, but find the challenge of putting them on yourself too daunting, you can reach out by emailing to talk about having us visit your community to recreate them for you.

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In Ages Past

In this Bahá’í-themed escape room, a team of puzzling players takes on the role of a unit of time traveling agents (‘Unit E’, if you like) set with the task of ensuring certain moments of Bahá’í history happen as we know them. Players will need to work together, jumping from time to time and place to place in search of clues, puzzles, and whatever else they may find along the way.

This download includes a manual (and more) that walks you through every step toward putting together your own version of this escape room.

an escape room experience

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Falling Bahá'índ

Falling Bahá’índ is a Bahá’í game show for three teams, inspired by Jeopardy™ and Cranium™. The game is broken into rounds during which each team will answer a question. Those questions are divided into three categories: Brainiac, Linguist, and Superstar. Each round, teams take turns choosing a category and selecting a question based on its difficulty (and therefore how many points it is worth). That question will test their collective knowledge, vocabulary, or skills as they work together to keep their team from: Falling Bahá’índ.

This download includes the rules of the game, the PowerPoint file to run it, and a little bit more, too.

a Bahá'í

game show