5 Nur 179.jpg

Bahá'í Calendar 179

This is a different sort of Bahá'í calendar, one that puts the Badí months on display rather than the Gregorian ones. That means there are 19 months instead of 12, so more original artwork to enjoy all year long!

Each day on the calendar is marked with its Gregorian counterpart, so you don't have to do the math to figure out when Kalimát 17 is to everyone else (July 29, this year). Plus, every month has a related quote from the Writings, a meditation, and a practice to help keep the meaning of that time at the forefront of your mind.

Calendars are $20 each plus $5 on your whole order for shipping. (If you're outside the continental US, please contact us before ordering.)

These calendars fill an 11'x17' spot on your wall.

4 Azamat 2020.jpg

Feast Images

With the world as it is, and so many of our Feasts currently relegated to online meeting spaces, it seems slideshow presentations have become a common part of our monthly gatherings. With that in mind, I've put all the interior artwork from our 177 Bahá'í calendar together for download. That's one image for each month, with the name of the month incorporated into the design. Hopefully it will help beautify your separation.

If you wish to donate for this particular item, please consider instead donating to a worthy pandemic-relief charity. Thank you.