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Dinosaurs are back to rule the earth once more, and they’re being real jerks about it. Now you and your team must solve a series of puzzles to save the world before they eat you (and, less importantly, everyone else). Work together to be the heroes of this unfolding and ever-ridiculous story.

The Dinosaur Pamphlets is a comedic narrative puzzle game for 5 players, similar to an escape room. It's intended to be played online with friends, over any video-conferencing software. All players need the game file and a device that can open zipped folders (phones are not recommended). For some players, access to a printer or the ability to easily draw on screen may prove helpful.


The game will take approximately 2 hours once you've learned how to play, and you'll only be able to play it once. Choose your team wisely, work together, and save the world.


Recommended donation: $5 per player

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Chubby Kid Detectives is a one-page RPG of mysteries, bicycles, and emergency peanut butter.


There are 3 stats: Kid, for kid stuff; Detective, for detective stuff; and Chubby, for everything else.

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Track the Trickster is a re-playable scavenger hunt game for children ages 8-12 that takes them on a puzzle-filled quest through their own home. This is a small, beta version of the game with 17 unique puzzle cards (instead of the planned 54) and no permanent art.

The answers to every card change depending on the situation. For each game, one person sets out 5 puzzle cards as a chain of clues that will lead players to the elusive, trouble-making Trickster. 

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